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The Minister in charge of the Olympics, Seiko Hashimoto, was recently appointed president of the organizing committee for the Tokyo-2020 Olympics, replacing President Yoshiro Mori following his remarks deemed sexist.

The one who has a long sports career behind her, said she wanted to ensure that the Games were safe, both for the athletes and for the citizens.

With this in mind and against the backdrop of the health crisis, the new coordinator of the Games will have to take a stand on delicate and crucial subjects for these Olympics such as the question of the presence or absence of foreign spectators.

The spectators on the torch route have been regulated, they will have to wear a mask, avoid the crowds and only attend segments near their homes. Applause is also expected to replace cheering and shouting ...

The flame should therefore depart on March 25 from a symbolic site in Fukushima accompanied by strict sanitary measures.

Everything is being done to ensure that the Games take place in the best conditions, despite the Covid-19 pandemic and the uncertainties that hover over this event.